• PD Waterfront City

    The PD Waterfront City is a development city facing Pulang Arang with waterchalets, residence, commercial and retail space, and fun activities. Here, tourists will be able to indulge themselves with food, accommodation and entertainment all in one place.

  • Army Museum

    This is one of the best museums in Malaysia alongside with Royal Malaysian Police Museum. It is located next to a military base of the main road about 7km away from Port Dickson.

  • Alive 3D Art Gallery

    For art enthusiasts, this is a good place for inspiration and admiration of 3D arts. The well-drawn collection of 3D artworks in the gallery looks so realistic that you wouldn't believe your eyes. It makes a fun trip for kids too to interact with the art for photography session.

  • P.D Ostrich Showfarm

    With over 90 ostriches in the farm, visitors can be exposed to the specialist equipment technique used in the ostrich industry. Activities such as ostrich ride, ostrich egg stepping, animal petting etc are perfect for families with kids.